Career Coaching

Navigating your career can sometimes leave you feeling lost, blocked, frustrated, and in need of some help moving forward. Career coaching is a working alliance between you and your coach. It will help you identify and understand challenges and obstacles, recognize their impact, and develop personalized strategies in addressing them.

A series of career coaching appointments can help you to:

  • Develop a deeper self-awareness and self-concept
  • Clarify your career-related goals
  • Break through various limitations and barriers
  • Build motivation while working towards immediate and future goals
  • Strengthen your approach to lifelong learning and self-discovery

What Is Career Coaching?

Career coaching is part coaching and part counseling.

“The goal of career coaching is to support people in making informed decisions about their career development and trajectory. It doesn’t matter where you are in your career, either, because “career coaching can be helpful at every point of someone’s professional path.”

Who Needs Career Coaching?

Hiring a career coach isn’t cheap, but for professionals who feel stuck or just confused about what the next step should be, a coach can be an invaluable resource.

For instance, college students nearing graduation could definitely benefit from having the guidance and expertise of a career coach to help launch their careers. Likewise, seasoned professionals moving up the ranks could benefit from the counseling and reassurance of a career coach to help them successfully advance. Professionals looking to switch careers could also use the advice and support of a career coach to help them make a seamless transition into a more suitable and satisfying career.

This is about finding your happy work and your spectacular life, whatever that means for you.

Working or Wanting to

Whether you’ve just gotten your first promotion, switched companies, became the boss, got fired, want to learn a new skill or whether you just don’t know anymore, personalized coaching experiences can help you choose or make a plan for your new direction.

Recent Grad

We’re here to demystify the job-search process (and help course-correct if you feel like you’ve landed the wrong job, or spent years studying the wrong thing).

 You’re not alone.

Still in School

Some kids in college have it all figured out- what to study, what internships to take, what career ladder to climb Day One after graduation.  And then there’s the rest of us.  

We want to help clear up the confusion – coaching will help you feel in control of your choices and build habits as your interests evolve.

Pricing & Packages

Post Secondary Students (Must provide proof of enrollment)

  • $250/package of 4 x 45 minute coaching appointments (must be purchased initially)
  • $50/additional appointment (only available after completing the initial package of 3 appointments)


  • $450/package of 4 x 45 minute coaching appointments (must be purchased initially)
  • $100/additional appointment (only available after completing the initial package of 3 appointments) 

A La Carte Services $125/Hour

“Quick-fix” help is available by the hour and typically takes one to three hours of time. They can also be helpful for someone who already knows what direction they want to go in, but might need the expertise to figure out exactly how to pave their path.

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What are the benefits of using a career coach?

Working with a specialist career coach over a series of meetings can make a significant contribution to helping you achieve your career goals.

The main benefits of working with a career coach are:

  • Giving you an understanding of yourself from a career and work perspective
  • Helping identifying the right role and employer profile that you will thrive in
  • Helping you become clear and focused about what next in your career
  • Providing an external perspective on you and your situation
  • Help with implementing a successful job search strategy
  • Moving into a new role quickly after redundancy or a career break

Typical outcomes of successful career coaching include:

  • Moving into a desired new role quickly and more effectively
  • A higher salary package, which may not have been a priority
  • Starting your own business
  • Achieving further career development within your current organisation
  • Reduced stress and improved home life

An outplacement or job search coaching programme is suitable for those who are clear about their next role but who require help in marketing themselves to prospective employers.

These coaching programmes can include the following:-

  • Self-marketing, includes writing CVs, covering letters, application forms etc… that will help you to get short-listed
  • Enhanced Interview, Networking and Presentation Skills
  • Campaign Planning
  • How to manage Recruitment Agencies/Headhunters
  • Negotiating the Job Offer
  • Strategic Career Planning