10 Questions to Make the Interviewer the Interviewee

Have you ever been caught off guard on an interview when the hiring manager said, “Do you have any questions for me?” That question will haunt you if you aren’t prepared! I’ve put together a list of questions that will set you apart from other Candidates and make the manager think you might be sharp enough to hire.

  1. Describe the Ideal Candidate.
  2. Describe the candidate’s ideal background.
  3. What is the next step?
  4. Is there anything else in my background that I need to share with you to let you know I can do the job?
  5. Are there any uncertainties I need to address?
  6. What happened to the person that was previously in this position and who is currently filling this role?
  7. What is the size of the department?
  8. What did the last person or others in this role do that was applauded?
  9. What did they do that was not as good as it could have been?
  10. Sign me up! How soon can I start?

Asking the manager questions in return lets them know you are interested. It will also make the interview more conversational. 

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