Let’s Talk About You – 6 Interview Tips to Make Things Smoother

Let’s face it when it comes to the interview, you have to be ready to talk. Not only about your skills and experience, but about you; what you’re all about and how you are the right person for the job. And, for some of us, this is easy. But for others, it is extremely difficult. So, what can you do?

  1. Be Ready. Once the interview is set, you know what’s coming. Start thinking about how you will talk about and present yourself. This is where you need to shine. You need to get comfortable making small talk, answering questions and selling yourself.
  2. Do your homework. Research the company that is interviewing you. Check out their website, press releases, social media sites, etc. Ask friends and colleagues if they have worked for or know anyone that’s worked for the company to try to gain some insider info. Prepare a few interesting facts that you can bring up, as appropriate, during the interview. You may also want to consider doing a little research on the interviewer. Check LinkedIn to view his/her profile and learn about their background.
  3. Review your resume. Know your resume inside and out. This is what the interviewer is using as a guideline for the discussion. Be ready to walk through your work experience and skills. Be ready to concisely discuss what you’ve accomplished.
  4. Know your motivation. Why do you want this job? What can you offer this company?  How does this job play into your career path and goals? Employers want to see that you really want this job, not any job.
  5. Anticipate probable questions. There is not a lot of mystery when it comes to the interview. You will be asked questions, and you probably know the majority of them before you start. A simple internet search will reveal common interview questions for different types of jobs. Also consider having someone conduct a mock interview to practice your responses and wording. Practice may not make you perfect, but it will certainly make you more prepared and more comfortable.
  6. Stay calm. Some employers ask tough questions. Always focus on the positive. Keep your answers to difficult questions on point. If one of these zingers comes your way, take a deep breath and pause before you answer. Think before you react to the question.

Interviews are always a stressful situation. Take some of the stress out by following these tips to make it a little easier to talk about you. Good luck!

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